Heritage Shopping Centre, Weipa

Commercial Ave, Weipa, QLD

Shop N – Zest Coffee

Shop 3a – Tropicano

Shop 3b – Weipa Gourmet Meats

Shop 4 – Cape York Pharmacy

Shop S – Albatross Hotel

Shop 7 – Western Cape Real Estate

Shop 8 – Weipa Traders

Shop 9 – Weipa Bakery

Shop T – BLT Travel Agency

Shop L – Weipa Hair & Beauty

Shop 12 – Woolworths

Shop 13 – Weipa 4WD

Shop 101 – Department of Housing & Public Works

Shop 102 – Department of Housing & Public Works

Shop 103 – QLD Country Credit Union

Shop 201 – Centrelink

Shop 202 – Department of Housing & Public Works

Shop 203 – My Pathways

Shop M – Heritage Resort

Store Trading Hours

8am-7pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
8am-9pm Thu,
8am-5pm Sat

Zest Coffee:
6am-4pm Mon- Fri
6am-2pm Sat

Cape York Pharmacy:
9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri
9am-12pm Sat

Weipa Bakery:
8am-5pm Mon-Fri
8am-4pm Sat
8am-3pm Sun

BLT Travel Agency:
9am-4pm Mon- Fri

Heritage Hair & Beauty:
9am-5pm Mon, Tue, Wed Fri
9am-8pm Thu
8am-4pm Sat

Weipa Gourmet Meats:
7am-6pm Mon-Fri
7am-1pm Sat

Weipa Cellars:
10am-7pm Mon-Fri

Weipa Traders:
8am-6pm Mon-Fri
8am-5pm Sat
9am-3pm Sun

Western Cape Real Estate:
9am-5pm Mon-Fri

QLD Country Credit Union:
9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri

8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri

My Pathways:
8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri